How to Measure for Jewelry Sizing


Sizing your jewelry at home can be done with a few simple steps. Here's a guide along with some tips to help you accurately measure the size of your jewelry:

Tools you'll need:
1. Flexible measuring tape or string
2. Ruler or a straight-edge for measuring


1. Choose a Reference Point:

  • For necklaces, decide where you want the necklace to fall on your body (e.g., collarbone, chest, or longer).
  • For bracelets or anklets, decide how snug or loose you want your bracelet to be on your wrist or ankle

2. Measure with a String or Flexible Tape:

  • If you're using a string, wrap it around your neck, wrist, or ankle at the chosen length.
  • If you're using a flexible measuring tape, gently place it around your neck, wrist, or ankle at the desired position. Make sure it's not too tight or too loose.

3. Mark or Hold the Measurement:

  • Mark the point where the string or measuring tape meets or simply hold the position with your finger.

4. Measure the Length:

  • Lay the string or tape flat and use a ruler to measure the length from the starting point to the marked position.

5. Consider the Pendant or Focal Point:

  • If the necklace has a pendant or a focal point, consider its size when determining the desired length. Some people prefer the pendant to sit at a specific spot on the chest.

6. Account for Personal Preference:

  • Personal preferences vary, so consider whether you want a snug fit or a slightly looser style. Some people prefer a choker style necklace or snug bracelet, while others like a longer or more relaxed fit.

7. Measure an Existing Piece of Jewelry:

  • If you have a favorite piece of jewelry that already fits well, measure it from end to end to determine the desired length.

8. Adjust for Different Necklace Types:

  • Different necklace styles (e.g., choker, princess, matinee) have varying standard lengths. Research the typical length for the type of necklace you're measuring.


Consider Circumference:

  • Keep in mind your neck, bracelet, or ankle circumference when choosing the length to ensure it comfortably fits.

Account for Pendant Size:

  • If the necklace has a pendant, consider its dimensions, especially if you want it to be a focal point.

Test Comfort:

  • After measuring, wear the jewelry and ensure it feels comfortable and hangs the way you desire.

Adjust for Style and Occasion:

  • The desired necklace length might vary based on the style of the necklace and the occasion. For example, a longer necklace may be suitable for a formal event.

By following these instructions and considering these tips, you should be able to measure the size of your jewelry at home accurately.