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Earthly Elan

"Mermaid" Aura Quartz Necklace

"Mermaid" Aura Quartz Necklace

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Introducing the enchanting "Mermaid" Aura Quartz Necklace! This unique creation is sure to captivate. Handmade with care, this necklace features aura quartz beads wire wrapped by hand on recycled sterling silver wire, combining artistry with sustainability. Let's delve into the exquisite details that make this necklace a truly special accessory.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the necklace showcases:

  • Aura Quartz Mermaid Beads: Each bead radiates a mesmerizing play of colors, adding a touch of mystical charm. 
  • Recycled Sterling Silver Wire: A conscious choice, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly practices. 
  • Lobster Clasp: Ensures a secure closure, combining functionality with style. 
  • Length: Approximately 18 inches, striking the perfect balance for versatile wear. 

From one enchanting detail to the next, this necklace is more than a piece of jewelry. Tt's a story of craftsmanship and conscious design. The aura quartz beads, with their ethereal hues, create a visual iridescence. The recycled sterling silver wire weaves sustainability into the fabric of elegance.

Adorn yourself with the "Mermaid" Aura Quartz Necklace, where beauty meets responsibility. It measures approximately 18", and secures easily with a silver lobster clasp. Embrace the magic of handmade craftsmanship and sustainable fashion! This necklace not only enhances your aura but also reflects a commitment to a more mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle.

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